Colman Doyle Ábhar Machnaimh

About the Work

Veteran Irish photographer Colman Doyle has documented almost every major historical event in Ireland over a 50 year period. This long-form documentary directed by James Kelly explores his extraordinary contribution to national and international photography.

Focusing on Doyle’s vast archive of photographs covering the political, social and economic history of Ireland through the second half of the 20th Century, the film follows Doyle as he returns to shoot photos of West Kerry. The documentary sees Doyle reconnect with his early work as a press photographer.

Colman won many awards throughout his career including PPAI Photographer of the Year, Four Masters, British Press Pictures of the Year and many more. The National Library of Ireland now houses over 25,000 photos from his collection.

Original score for the documentary incorporates real cameras sounds as rhythms.

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