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On the edge of the globe, high up on mountain peaks above the clouds, there’s a land which is exotic and technologically of another era. A melting pot of the weird and wonderful, full of mythical creatures, it’s a place where ogres, evil warlords and flame-throwing dragons are commonplace. Welcome to Tashi’s world.

When Jack’s parents bundle him off to stay with his distant cousin Tashi, the two boys become swept up in a series of wild adventures exploring a fantastical land far, far away. Tashi and Jack develop a special friendship, Tashi helps Jack gain a greater self confidence and Jack teaches Tashi about life at his home. Together they learn the importance of respecting all kinds, working together and a sense of community, but most of all they have a lot of fun exploring the weird and wonderful and meeting a host of strange creatures.

Tashi the animated television series is based on the beloved Australian children’s books by Barbara and Anna Feinberg. The books have sold over a million copies in more than 20 countries.

Giles Packham has composed the score to this 52 x 12 min animated series.

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